This course is for you if...

You have any version of iZotope RX7: Advanced, Standard or Elements. (all settings features covered may not be available for earlier versions)

  • You want to make your podcast recordings sound better

  • You have RX7 but can't quite seem to figure out how to use it

  • You are tired of YouTube videos, googling, and 50,000 different answers from strangers

  • You are frustrated because no how-to videos ever use actual podcast audio

  • You care about WHY and not only how we solve common problems

  • You understand not every problem can be fixed

  • You are committed to learning and growing your skills

  • You don't mind cats (because mine like to participate)

  • You want to make your editing life FASTER, BETTER & HAPPIER

What students are saying about RX7 for Podcasts...

JAG in Detroit Podcasts

Jon G.

The Izotope RX program has incredible capabilities, but when I started using it – I felt like a 16 year old with the keys to a Ferrari. Thanks to Carrie Caufield Arick’s course on RX7, I feel so much more confident in my abilities with the program. Not only have I modified my workflow in terms of the sequence of the different functions, I have templates and notes on how to fine tune each one – making my audio sound that much better, and my clients that much happier. I would highly recommend this course to any audio editor who uses the RX suite – money very well spent.

Project Woo Woo

Lisa Orkin

Carrie shares all her secrets in this course. I never thought I’d be able to fix my own audio... but I can! She made RX7 super easy to understand. Every podcaster needs this course.

Freelance Podcast Editor

Gretchen Kilby

I am really thrilled with what I learned in your class and appreciate you sharing the office hours. Voice DeNoise is my new favorite tool! Game changer. Makes me want to re-edit all my clients' episodes!

Virgina Elder

Podcast Host, Editor, Producer at Reaching Abundance

I just want to share that I’m 60% through the course and I’ve learned SO much. I was lightly using RX before and it made a positive difference in Zoom files 😁 but I didn’t really know what certain settings did etc. This week, my clients' podcasts are sounding MUCH improved!!!
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What will you learn?

Press Play

An Interactive Learning Experience

Office Hours make it so much easier.

I love the idea of DIY courses... but I'm the kinda person that *needs* accountability. Plus, we're podcasters or editors. We do a lot of learning out loud. That's why this course includes live office hours where you can workshop problems and get answers in real-time.

Stop Googling.

How much time do you spend trying to figure out how to use the tools in RX only to give up? Let's fix that together.

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REAL WORLD Solutions for Podcast Problems

You'll learn how to effectively use the correct tools for problems you'll encounter time and time again. Plus, you'll receive additional support, some free bonuses & forever access to a community!

  • We'll de-mystify the RX workspace

  • De-plosive for popping P's (and the other things it helps with)

  • De-Clip to fix TOO LOUD!!!!

  • De-Crackle, De-Click & Mouth De-Click to fix cell phone issues, lip smacks, mouth noises & more

  • De-ess for those persnickety high-pitched noises

  • Dialogue De-Reverb to remove stubborn echo

  • Dialogue Isolate and how it can solve a number of difficult problems

  • Voice De-Noise so you'll never be bothered by background noises AGAIN

  • BONUS Adobe Audition hacks and more goodies to make your life easier

  • Get real-time help during office hours and our Facebook community

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Hi! I'm Carrie.

I'll be your Fairy Podmother introducing you to the magic of RX.

As a professional podcast editor, I'm often dealing with imperfect audio recordings. Really BIG companies and podcasts pay me to push a few buttons in RX to solve their audio issues. Companies like Jassen Pharmaceuticals & podcasts like The Good Life Project pay me to fix common podcast recording problems. And iZotope RX is my secret weapon. It took my YEARS to figure out how RX worked for dialogue. I don't want you to have to struggle like I did. And I want podcasts simply to sound better. That benefits us all.

Pricing options

There's a one time fee for the course and you'll access forever to all the course materials AND any future updates. However, I get that this might be a BIG investment. If you'd like to set up a payment plan, email me: [email protected]

Course curriculum

  • 1

    You're in!!!

    • WELCOME!!! I'm so excited you're here!

    • Next steps...

    • Office Hours Schedule

  • 2

    Things to Know about RX & This Course

    • Setting Your Expectations

    • Every piece of audio is a snowflake...

    • Understanding the RX Workspace

    • Universal Buttons on the Repair Tools

    • The Oder of Operation

    • Saving & Exporting

  • 3


    • Fixing TOO LOUD!

  • 4

    De-Plosive for Popping P's

    • De-plosive

  • 5

    De-essing without De-brightening

    • Pink is AwESSome

  • 6

    Clicks, Pops, Cell Phone Buzz & Mouth Noises, oh my!

    • Click & Crackle Part 1: Mouth De-Click

    • Click & Crackle Part 2: De-Click & De-Crackle

  • 7

    Dialogue Isolate

    • The Power of Dialogue Isolate

  • 8

    Fixing Echo (aka Reverb) with Dialogue De-Reverb

    • Dialogue De-Reverb (and my sweet Diego pre-set)

  • 9

    Voice De-Noise will change your life (and some bonus Audition hacks)

    • Voice De-Noise: I sing your praises...

    • Why Voice De-Noise is the LAST step in my RX workflow

  • 10

    Office Hours Replays

    • 1- Fixing Reverb, plosives and using Spectral Repair

    • 2- Cleaning up a call

    • 3- Presets, Workflow, De-Clip, EQ and RX8

    • 4- Harshness, De-Ess, EQ, Fixing Reverb (Echo), Normalizing, Leveling in RX & Audacity, Plus TRUST YOUR EARS

    • 5- Leveling & Loudness in RX7 & RX8

    • 6- Pairing De-Reverb with Spectral De-Noise

    • 7-Module Chains & Batch Process in RX8

    • 8- Spectral Repair and Removing Stubborn Echo

    • 9- Taking the Air & Wind Out of Audio (De-Wind & De-Plosive)

    • 10- Watch Me Work Through a Client Episode

  • 11

    Bonus: A little more RX Magic

    • Laptop Correction: : My Secret Weapon for Improving Laptop Mic Audio

    • Quick & Dirty De-Reverb

    • People Breathe: The Art of Editing the Interview

    • First Look at RX8

  • 12

    Bonus: How to get the most from your microphone

    • Proper Mic Technique

    • The Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet

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