2020 Planning session

A six week program designed to help you and your business grow

This is an intensive program that will help you create or grow your podcast editing business. The session will run from Dec. 1, 2019 to Jan. 18, 2020. Each week, we'll explore a different topic and you'll be presented with assignments and resources to help you craft your ideal business.
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Discover your value

And learn how to share it to increase profits.

How did I grow my podcast editing business from nothing to six figures by only working for shows and people I adore? All in under 3 years? And how did I do that without working myself to death, while taking vacations, and flying around the country to speak at events? I made a plan. And for women especially, who have lots of obligations, responsibilities and a different approach to business than their male counterparts, a plan is critical.
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Invest in Your Future

And stop hustling for every little pay day.

You probably feel like you have to hustle every. single. day. for each new client, for each business opportunity. Hustle is a popular word used by entrepreneurs... everyone is out hustling. Not me. I've crafted a business where I don't have to hustle for that next client. Where losing a client means gaining a fresh, higher paying job. Because I did the planning and deep work to make hustling obsolete.

Get clear on what you want

Then create the action plan to make it happen.

It starts with being thoughtful and intentional. But that's easier said then done... and that's what the inaugural session of the YaYa Sisterhood is about. Honing in on clarity and being really intentional when it comes to your business.

What will this program do for you?

At the end of this program, you'll be ready to take your business to the next level in 2020.

  • Create a professional business plan for 2020

  • Create a budget and fiscal plan

  • Hone in on the unique value you offer

  • Craft messaging and marketing strategies that convert

  • Create opportunities for you and your business

  • Create achievable goals for 2020

  • Be supported by amazing women like you

Have an Impact...

...Not just a business.

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  • Who is this program for?

    This is for women or female identifying people who currently edit podcasts for others or who want to start their own side-hustle or full time business editing podcasts for others.

  • Can I purchase this program now?

    No, you must apply to be part of this program. If accepted, you'll be able to purchase the program.

  • Can I pay for this program installments if I'm accepted?

    Yes. Please select that option in the application form or email carrie@yayapodcasting.com to make arrangements.

  • Do I have to participate actively with the group to benefit from this program?

    I do suggested you work through the assignments and other content thoughtfully to reap the biggest benefits. And while I think participation is really helpful, it's not required. Things come up. Life happens. Interacting with the group and content in a way that works for you, not us will ultimately benefit you the most.

  • Are the things we share in the group private?

    YES! What happens in the sisterhood stays in the sisterhood.

  • My application wasn't accepted. Can I re-apply for the next session?

    Yes! I encourage you do so. There are so many of you I'd love to work with, but time and energy are precious, so I have to limit spots each session to ensure I'm giving you the best of me. :)

Make 2020 Your Year

Craft a business that works for you.

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